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Unanswered Calls

I used to work for a mid-sized nursing home.  Since it was the healthcare industry, as you can imagine, there were various ‘on-call’ practices that had to be in place for several company leaders at night and over the weeekends.

My boss, who was in charge of the nursing home, always forgot to send around the weekend “on-call administrator” sign-up sheets to the management team.  Whenever this happened, he would end up offering to be the one on call for that weekend.

The Monday after one weekend in particular, I received several complaints that nurses were trying to reach the boss all weekend.  They called many times and could not get ahold of him.  All they got was his voice mail and no return call.  Since it was an emergency and they couldn’t reach him, they also tried to get ahold of the Director of Nursing.  They couldn’t reach her either, despite multiple attempts.

After an investigation, the boss was confronted as to why he wasn’t answering his calls that weekend.  His response was because he was spending the weekend at Pytutming Lake and was unable to get a signal………and the kicker is that as it turns out, the Director of Nursing didn’t answer her calls either because she was with him!

Submitted by Brie

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