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The Doctor Is In

Like the site.  I think you’ll fine me to be one of your more frequent contributors.  I hate most bosses.  Ha!

A lady I work with has always been sickly.  She is constantly calling out sick, leaving early and all that.  Her ailments have progressed a few times to where she had to be hospitalized.   Up to this point, I always felt that she and I were close.  When she was sick, I’d try to be there to help her get her work done, etc.

This last time that she got sick, she again had to be hospitalized.  Whenever this had happened before, I thought about visiting her, but never did.   This time, I figured I would.  I should be the good co-worker.  I felt that we had become close enough friends, so I wanted to surprise and her hopefully cheer her up.

So I went to the hospital and asked for her room number.  I walked into her room only to find the married Vice President of the company sitting there holding hands with her.  Apparently they were having a relationship together.  The look on their faces was priceless when I walked in.  As this was happening, I figured what the heck, I’d pump up the drama.  So I literally turned around and walked out without saying a word.

Don’t worry; I’ll use this information when I need to someday to leverage what I need.

Submitted by Jill

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