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The Inside Job

I work in Accounting for a mid-size company.  Recently I was reconciling some charges on one of the corporate credit cards and noticed something funny.  One card, that only certain Executives have access to, had more than $10,000 in charges to a local retail store on it.

Once he was informed of the fraudulent charges on the corporate card, I was shocked to see that the President of the company seemed to care less about it.  I soon learned that an investigation was underway as to who had made the charges.  Someone in HR was able to determine that the head Executive Assistant had taken the card and spent the money.  They soon suggested to the President that she should be fired obviously.  He said no and to just have the company cut a check to her for $10,000 so she could repay the charges.  So I’m thinking to myself, ‘We are going to give her $10,000 to repay the $10,000 that she already stole?’  Yeah, makes sense I guess.  LOL.

So that’s exactly what they did.  They paid her to repay the company.  What a joke.  She took the credit card two months later and did the exact same thing again…this time for $15,000.  And once again, the President has us pay her in order for her to reimburse the company.

I’m sure you’ll be shocked to learn that we found out the President and the Executive Assistant were dating!

Submitted by Meg

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