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My boss called in sick 72 times last year. How is that even allowed to happen? For the record, he wasn’t even disciplined to my knowledge and he only had 10 days of sick time available.

We don’t work for a mom and pop shop. We are a reasonable sized company with descent revenue. But […]

Cash Flow

My boss is probably one of the most worthless human beings in the world. He doesn’t care about much. We work for a huge globally known company and he earns $700,000 per year. He’s been there for years. The simple fact that he earns that much money for not doing anything makes me physically sick. […]

Reply To All

Fun site. Made me want to share a story about my last boss. I work for a pretty big company. I won’t share the name, but definitely a brand you’d recognize.

While most people I know complain about the lack of communication at their jobs, my company actually over-does it. There are memos and notes […]

Mr. Nurse on Line #1

I work as a nurse for a pretty large hospital system. Within the last year, I bid on and was accepted for a position in the Emergency Department. My boss, the head nurse, is a real piece of work. Or maybe instead of saying he’s a piece of work, I should say that he’s a […]

Hard Sleeper

I work in a job where I have to travel all the time. I’m literally on the road three weeks out of four every month. It’s not a bad job and I love the hotel/airline/credit card rewards. I fashion myself as a traveler similar to George Clooney in ‘Up in the Air.’

My boss is […]

Her Life Story

My boss is the kind of person who will tell you her entire life story in the first five minutes that you meet her. Literally. Based on the industry we work in, we are out and about a lot; and it’s mortifying when she starts in on her ‘story.’

Imagine this. You meet her…you introduce […]

I Love You More

My boss is a very unique lady. She’s very eccentric, especially when it comes to the relationship she has with her husband. For example, they have to talk on the phone at least once every hour throughout the day. Sometimes it’s multiple times every hour. Interestingly, that doesn’t even include her constant texting and e-mailing […]

Please Hire Her

The President of my company insists on hiring women for every position that comes open. However, it’s not only that…as someone who works closely with him, I have to listen to everything else that goes along with his perverted hiring decisions.

So, it’s not only that we can’t hire men, but it’s that all the […]

Was I Here Last Night

My boss is the Controller of our company. He’s a little quirky, but overall, is not a bad guy. Once in a while, we have to travel together. Whenever we travel, my boss has his routine. It’s always the exact same thing. Go to meetings, then find a bar to play billiards at, then drink […]

The Business Card Heard Around the World

I’ve always enjoyed the part of the movie ‘The Social Network‘ where Mark Zuckerberg’s character gets business cards that say, “I’m CEO, bitch.” I love the fact that it’s a true, albeit short-lived, story.

At our company, several of us actually created new business cards for our President. However, he doesn’t know they exist because […]