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He’s So Clean

I work for an office cleaning and carpet cleaning company. Therefore I’m in and out of several buildings every day. There is one company, in particular, that I hate cleaning. The one department head there is such a pervert. For instance, unfortunately, he has a bathroom near office and insists on standing there and watching […]

Travel Day

Our company made the decision to hire a guy who lives six hours away to be the new CEO. At the beginning, of course he promised to move and live close, but he never did. Instead, he gave excuses and just dragged it on and on. He kept traveling back and forth weekly. That’s a […]

Submit Your Story

Do you want to tell us about your boss? Are they the best or worst boss ever? Do you want to spill the beans? Now is your chance? Share those stories. Maybe they weren’t even your boss and they’re just someone you know. Still tell us!

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The site is finally live! Welcome! You will start seeing content updated more regularly. We are enjoying the numous stories that have come in since we started accepting submissions. We are reviewing them as quickly as we can!

There are bosses of all kinds out there and the stories we are receiving proves it. We […]