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Sleepy the Boss

My boss takes a nap in his office every single day at 2 o’clock in the afternoon.  You can literally mark your watch by it.  We work for a very large company, so it’s not like the office space is empty.  There are quite a few people who work on his floor.  But he doesn’t care.  He has the same routine every singe day. He goes to lunch, comes back, attempts to work and nods off exactly at 2.

It’s common knowledge that he does this.  Why he hasn’t been fired is surprising.  My favorite is when he moves his nap location from the desk chair to the couch in his office.  His assistant will tell you that he’s ‘busy’ at the moment.  The last time she said that, I looked in his office and literally saw him drooling all over himself while laying on his couch.

Employees around the office have decided to start taking pictures of this behavior.  Surely management knows what he’s doing, but they don’t care.  The employees are talking about starting a web site featuring this guy.  Maybe the bosses will care if the pictures end up on social media.

Submitted by Al

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