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She Trumps Them

I was hired into the sales role at a staffing company.  My boss laid out this wonderful training plan.  It was probably the best and most organized orientation plan I’d ever laid eyes on (on paper at least).  My next year was all planned out in advance.

Fast forward two months.  My training was going well.  I was meeting all the expectations.  Was learning and felt like I was progressing well.  Then the company fired my boss along with several other leaders and consolidates several markets into one.

A few days later, my new boss came in.  We sat down to discuss my training plan.  She looked at it and said, “I’m going to pull you from training.”  I probably looked confused and she said, “It’s OK, we need to have you focus on some other things.”  I said, “What about my training?”  She said, “The training department will be fine with it.  My authority trumps theirs anyway.”  She topped it off by saying, “Don’t worry, I have your back.”

So I stopped training and started working on what she wanted me to.  That continued for a few weeks and I thought it was going well and that I was meeting her expectations…until the company fired me for not completing my training metrics.

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