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Fun site.  Made me want to share a story about my last boss.  I work for a pretty big company.  I won’t share the name, but definitely a brand you’d recognize.

While most people I know complain about the lack of communication at their jobs, my company actually over-does it.  There are memos and notes going out all the time.  The President says he wants people to know everything, which isn’t a bad thing, I guess.  But sometimes the e-mails can get a little lame.

A few weeks ago, there had been a number of all staff e-mails that went out the same day.  My boss started making fun of them and saying how ‘stupid’ they were.  Later that day, another message came out talking about a lady who had resigned from the company.  The President was wishing her well, as she was a very long-time employee.

My boss, tired of all the e-mails, went to forward the message to me and a few other people.  He said, “We should congratulate her on leaving because this company is ridiculous and nobody likes working here anymore because the management has their heads up their butts.”  However, instead of forwarding the message, he accidentally hit ‘Reply to All’ with his e-mail.  So that message went to everyone in the company.  Thousands of people!

I heard my boss’ phone ring a few minutes later and he shut his office door.  About ten minutes later, he sent an e-mail which started out, “I regret the e-mail I sent moments ago and apologize for its contents…”  He was fired the next day!

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