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Office Hide-A-Way

Although he’s not my direct boss, I have to tell you about the president of our company.  He’s literally in love with the two girls that work in human resources.  It’s great and makes the office grapevine so freaking awesome.  Basically, all we do all day is talk about the president!

For instance, when the president comes in first thing in the morning, he immediately heads right down to human resources to see his ‘girls’ (as he calls them).  These two girls are younger and share an office.  But frankly, it’s like all three of them share the office together, because he is always in there with them.  Anyway, from what we’ve been able to find out, one of the girls is semi-qualified for her role and the other was promoted from a different department by the president simply because she was ‘beautiful.’

The funny thing is that nobody knows what the heck they are talking about in that office all day, because it’s not business and no work is getting done.  The president thinks he’s a slick and savvy businessman, and flirts with all the women, but wow, he really lays it thick for those girls in human resources.  It’s sickening…he could be their father!

They sit in that office laughing and giggling all day.  Well, he’ll cross the line at some point and the company will get sued.  That, most of us are pretty sure of.

Submitted by Carm

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