He’s The CEO

It always makes me laugh how the CEO of our company has absolutely nothing to do.  It’s hilarious, but also maddening at the same time.  The company is doing terrible, financially bleeding, losing good employees and (as it would seem) on the verge of shutdown.  But the CEO walks around like he has no cares in the world.  Then he sits in his office all day with his feet on the desk while reading the news.  Meanwhile employees do whatever they want and nothing is ever questioned.

The funniest party is the stuff that the CEO actually wants to get involved in.  The granular stuff…like the cell phone bill, for instance.  He is practically waiting and drooling at the mailbox on the day that the bill comes for all the company-paid cell phones.  He wants to see everyone’s data.  Gosh forbid a major decision impacting revenue needs to be made.  He’ll be busy looking at how many texts people sent.

But no matter what he’s doing, he will make it a point to tell you he’s the CEO.  Any conversation starts with him pointing out that he’s the CEO and makes all the decisions.  Well, I guess that will be great to know while he’s making sure boxes are organized correctly in the storeroom instead of trying to actually save the company.

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