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Her Life Story

My boss is the kind of person who will tell you her entire life story in the first five minutes that you meet her.  Literally.  Based on the industry we work in, we are out and about a lot; and it’s mortifying when she starts in on her ‘story.’

Imagine this.  You meet her…you introduce yourself…you say where you work.  Pretty innocent enough, right?  Seems like it.  But what you get in return is something to the extent of:

How long she’s been at the company.  How long she has been sober.  What type of drinking and drugs she did.  Who her AA sponsor is.  Where her AA Meetings are.  How long her husband mistreated her for.  What her husband did to her.  What her husband said to her.  How long they have been divorced.  All in the first five minutes…I kid you not.

Of course, I always want to be supportive of someone who is a recovering addict.  However, I really don’t care to hear this story every day to new people she meets.  I don’t drink and do drugs and never have, so maybe it’s that I don’t get the recovery and ‘staying clean’ thing, but it still seems weird that she tells everyone this and in the first few minutes of introducing herself.  To me, that’s awkward and I substantiate that statement by the weird looks and facial expressions I see with the people talking to her.

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