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He Had A Dream

The owners of our company decided to renovate the building that most of us worked in.  We are in manufacturing, so there is a plant there too.  We are a smaller company and the original plan was to spend $5M on the renovation.  That seemed like a lot of money at the time and the as the owners told us, the facility was going to be beautiful.

The majority owner decided to put our General Manager in charge of the project.  Unfortunately, the General Manager had ideas of his own.  The $5M cost soon ballooned up to $14M.  Of course the owners ultimately had to approve the financials, but it occurred only due to the sweet-talking of the General Manager.  He convinced them the bigger facility and more expensive (top-of-the-line) equipment was needed.  ‘We have to have it,’ he said.  He made bold and ridiculously aggressive predictions on future sales, which have never happened.  He sold the bosses on it and they bought it hook, line and sinker.

Fast forward a few years and now our company is failing.  No raises have been given in years.  The pension plan was frozen because, as I was told, the company couldn’t afford their portion of the contribution.  Layoffs occurred.  The owners had to make personal guarantees, using their houses as collateral, that the loans would be repaid to the bank.  The company is only paying the interest back at this point and not the loan amount.  And sales are in the toilet.

But the General Manager walks around like the King of the World and is proud of his new building.  Why he hasn’t been relieved of duties is beyond me.

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