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Don’t Call Here

I was working for cable company a few years ago as a residential Sales Representative.  We were given company cell phones and told only to use them for work. And believe it or not, I did only use it for work.  Anyway, sometimes I used to call 411 on the phone if I forgot a client’s number, etc. I called 411 five times one month.  When my boss, Joe, got the bill he called me to ask what were all the 411 calls for. I explained and he said, “Don’t do that anymore.  Those calls cost $2.50 each.” I said, “No problem.”

Now keep in mind that a Sales guy is only as good as his mindset for the day.  I get a phone call from Joe next month and he says, “I thought I told you not to make anymore 411 calls.  I said, “I haven’t.”  His voice then escalated and he asked, “Well how come I have a phone bill here with thirty 411 calls?”  I explained that I didn’t know.  It must be a mistake.  I told him that when he told me how much they cost, I stopped making those calls.”  Then he starts screaming at me, “I want your ass back here in the office now so we can talk about this now!”  I said, “Joe, I don’t know what happened but I am telling you I didn’t make those calls.”  He is screaming and saying, “You get back to the office right now!”  Then all of a suddent he says, “Just kidding!” All the other managers are laughing because he had the entire conversation on speakerphone.  Needless to say, I returned the favor on his joke by not selling anything that day or for about a month after.

Submitted by Tom

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