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Toilet Malfunction

I hope you’ll consider publishing my story. My boss seems like an OK guy, although I’m not always sure what exactly he does every day. We work in sales. My job is to source the leads and start to build relationships with the potential clients. Then I’m supposed to get my boss involved when an […]

I Love You More

My boss is a very unique lady. She’s very eccentric, especially when it comes to the relationship she has with her husband. For example, they have to talk on the phone at least once every hour throughout the day. Sometimes it’s multiple times every hour. Interestingly, that doesn’t even include her constant texting and e-mailing […]

Unanswered Calls

I used to work for a mid-sized nursing home. Since it was the healthcare industry, as you can imagine, there were various ‘on-call’ practices that had to be in place for several company leaders at night and over the weeekends.

My boss, who was in charge of the nursing home, always forgot to send around […]

Big Bird

My boss is a tall blonde woman who I swear looks exactly like Big Bird. People say she even walks like Big Bird. I honestly cannot even look at her sometimes without thinking about it and wanting to laugh. It can make department meetings pretty interesting.

Anyway, Big Bird is very private about her dating […]