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Call the Help Line

My boss is a know-it-all, especially when it comes to sports. As a result of this, the rest of us always have to hear about his sports’ gambling.

He has a habit; there is no doubt about it. He bets on all of the major sports pretty frequently. From what he says, he does pretty […]

Toilet Malfunction

I hope you’ll consider publishing my story. My boss seems like an OK guy, although I’m not always sure what exactly he does every day. We work in sales. My job is to source the leads and start to build relationships with the potential clients. Then I’m supposed to get my boss involved when an […]

Office Jail

Everyone at our company calls the main office ‘jail,’ because that’s how the gentleman who is in charge runs it. Let me give you a few examples.

If you are gone more than 30 minutes for lunch, he accuses you of being on an interview. He periodically walks the entire office and if you are […]

Cash Flow

My boss is probably one of the most worthless human beings in the world. He doesn’t care about much. We work for a huge globally known company and he earns $700,000 per year. He’s been there for years. The simple fact that he earns that much money for not doing anything makes me physically sick. […]

Reply To All

Fun site. Made me want to share a story about my last boss. I work for a pretty big company. I won’t share the name, but definitely a brand you’d recognize.

While most people I know complain about the lack of communication at their jobs, my company actually over-does it. There are memos and notes […]

Mr. Nurse on Line #1

I work as a nurse for a pretty large hospital system. Within the last year, I bid on and was accepted for a position in the Emergency Department. My boss, the head nurse, is a real piece of work. Or maybe instead of saying he’s a piece of work, I should say that he’s a […]

Raise Raise Go Away

The company I work for has not given raises since 2004. As much as I hate that fact and the company, I continue to work there. People always ask me why. The real answer is proabably because I’m stupid. The better answer is because it’s so ridiculous there, that I stick around to see what […]

She Trumps Them

I was hired into the sales role at a staffing company. My boss laid out this wonderful training plan. It was probably the best and most organized orientation plan I’d ever laid eyes on (on paper at least). My next year was all planned out in advance.

Fast forward two months. My training was going […]

He Had A Dream

The owners of our company decided to renovate the building that most of us worked in. We are in manufacturing, so there is a plant there too. We are a smaller company and the original plan was to spend $5M on the renovation. That seemed like a lot of money at the time and the […]

He’s the CEO

It always makes me laugh how the CEO of our company has absolutely nothing to do. It’s hilarious, but also maddening at the same time. The company is doing terrible, financially bleeding, losing good employees and (as it would seem) on the verge of shutdown. But the CEO walks around like he has no cares […]