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Toilet Malfunction

I hope you’ll consider publishing my story. My boss seems like an OK guy, although I’m not always sure what exactly he does every day. We work in sales. My job is to source the leads and start to build relationships with the potential clients. Then I’m supposed to get my boss involved when an […]


My boss called in sick 72 times last year. How is that even allowed to happen? For the record, he wasn’t even disciplined to my knowledge and he only had 10 days of sick time available.

We don’t work for a mom and pop shop. We are a reasonable sized company with descent revenue. But […]

Raise Raise Go Away

The company I work for has not given raises since 2004. As much as I hate that fact and the company, I continue to work there. People always ask me why. The real answer is proabably because I’m stupid. The better answer is because it’s so ridiculous there, that I stick around to see what […]