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Office Jail

Everyone at our company calls the main office ‘jail,’ because that’s how the gentleman who is in charge runs it. Let me give you a few examples.

If you are gone more than 30 minutes for lunch, he accuses you of being on an interview. He periodically walks the entire office and if you are […]

Cross Hairs

My boss is a colossal jerk. He’s honestly the most ridiculous person I’ve ever had to work for. He is toxic. Nothing makes his day more than bringing someone into his office, bullying them, yelling at them and making them uncomfortable. He wants to see you squirm. It’s like he physically takes pleasure in it. […]


I know I work for a bizarre company. The two owners are brothers and definitely march to their own beat. From what I see and am told, the company does well. It’s just getting over the weird behavior with the brothers/owners that is the hurdle.

The brothers are nice. But let’s just say they have […]

Nice Belly

My boss had a baby girl and recently returned from maternity leave. Based on her comments, I could tell that she was very conscious of her weight. She mentioned her clothing and how it fit a number of times. As a result, she was constantly adjusting her pants and re-tucking her blouses. I’m a mom. […]