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Mr. Nurse on Line #1

I work as a nurse for a pretty large hospital system.  Within the last year, I bid on and was accepted for a position in the Emergency Department.  My boss, the head nurse, is a real piece of work.  Or maybe instead of saying he’s a piece of work, I should say that he’s a player on the prowl for a piece of meat.

For example, his favorite thing to do is try to pick up female patients.  He targets the ones he determines to be single or who he thinks are single.  I’ve seen him get pretty good with his patient questioning as he tries to extract personal relationship information from the female patients.  Some would say he has major ‘game,’ I will give him that.  After he engages them, it becomes the silly and sick game/challenge of him trying to see if he can get the female patient to express interest.

Recently though, his behavior has gotten a little more erratic.  Instead of the usual patient-badgering to find out if the females are single, his new method is a little more sly.  I say sly, because he knows what he’s doing and doesn’t want to get caught.  So he hasn’t been nagging them as much while they are in the Emergency Room.  Instead he writes down their their names and later checks to see if they are on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  Or he will just go in and take their phone number from their meidcal records.  Then he will message them.  The crazy thing is that he’s stupid enough to e-mail and text them…and put it in writing.  I say ‘stupid’ because what he’s doing isn’t only inappropriate, but it’s unethical too.

I’ve heard through the grapevine that one young woman has apparently complained to the hospital about the fact that he kept sending her messages on Facebook and asking her out.  But has the hospital done anything?  Of course not!  He’s still working on the floor with the rest of us.  That’s fine…I’m documenting everything I see and am looking forward to the chance to share the stories…particularly the one when he and the cute EMT girl disappeared into the supply closet for a few hours!

Submitted by Nurse N

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