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Raise Raise Go Away

The company I work for has not given raises since 2004. As much as I hate that fact and the company, I continue to work there. People always ask me why. The real answer is proabably because I’m stupid. The better answer is because it’s so ridiculous there, that I stick around to see what […]

She Trumps Them

I was hired into the sales role at a staffing company. My boss laid out this wonderful training plan. It was probably the best and most organized orientation plan I’d ever laid eyes on (on paper at least). My next year was all planned out in advance.

Fast forward two months. My training was going […]

Office Hide-A-Way

Although he’s not my direct boss, I have to tell you about the president of our company. He’s literally in love with the two girls that work in human resources. It’s great and makes the office grapevine so freaking awesome. Basically, all we do all day is talk about the president!

For instance, when the […]

The Inside Job

I work in Accounting for a mid-size company. Recently I was reconciling some charges on one of the corporate credit cards and noticed something funny. One card, that only certain Executives have access to, had more than $10,000 in charges to a local retail store on it.

Once he was informed of the fraudulent charges […]

He Had A Dream

The owners of our company decided to renovate the building that most of us worked in. We are in manufacturing, so there is a plant there too. We are a smaller company and the original plan was to spend $5M on the renovation. That seemed like a lot of money at the time and the […]


I know I work for a bizarre company. The two owners are brothers and definitely march to their own beat. From what I see and am told, the company does well. It’s just getting over the weird behavior with the brothers/owners that is the hurdle.

The brothers are nice. But let’s just say they have […]