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Hot Pants

My female boss once told me to wear ‘hot pants’ to a corporate function. She said that way, I would be able to make a lot of ‘deals.’ Frankly, to this day, I’m not sure what type of ‘deals’ she was referring to or how hot those ‘deals’ were supposed to be.

Submitted by Mary

The Doctor Is In

Like the site. I think you’ll fine me to be one of your more frequent contributors. I hate most bosses. Ha!

A lady I work with has always been sickly. She is constantly calling out sick, leaving early and all that. Her ailments have progressed a few times to where she had to be hospitalized. […]


I’m a young woman who works in a professional office. I put up with my share of male co-workers who act like jerks. They hit on me, ask me out, try to pull me into sex talk, etc. You name it, I’ve probably had it said to me. LOL.

I’ve always felt that the one […]

Don’t Call Here

I was working for cable company a few years ago as a residential Sales Representative. We were given company cell phones and told only to use them for work. And believe it or not, I did only use it for work. Anyway, sometimes I used to call 411 on the phone if I forgot a […]


Nice site. Glad I found it. I love this time of the year at my job. Budget time. I laugh out loud because the exact same thing happens every single year at the company. The President comes to Department Heads in October and announces the budget process. Then he institutes a ridiculously difficult deadline for […]

Travel Day

Our company made the decision to hire a guy who lives six hours away to be the new CEO. At the beginning, of course he promised to move and live close, but he never did. Instead, he gave excuses and just dragged it on and on. He kept traveling back and forth weekly. That’s a […]

Nice Belly

My boss had a baby girl and recently returned from maternity leave. Based on her comments, I could tell that she was very conscious of her weight. She mentioned her clothing and how it fit a number of times. As a result, she was constantly adjusting her pants and re-tucking her blouses. I’m a mom. […]

Submit Your Story

Do you want to tell us about your boss? Are they the best or worst boss ever? Do you want to spill the beans? Now is your chance? Share those stories. Maybe they weren’t even your boss and they’re just someone you know. Still tell us!

Tell us as much or as little as you’d […]


The site is finally live! Welcome! You will start seeing content updated more regularly. We are enjoying the numous stories that have come in since we started accepting submissions. We are reviewing them as quickly as we can!

There are bosses of all kinds out there and the stories we are receiving proves it. We […]